Weekend Restoration

The highboy repairs are complete and it’s been restored to its place in the Black and White room (which I need to update).


The other thing I restored this weekend was the little food scene I made for my husband some time ago. It had sat on his desk in his office and gotten a little banged around.

I added a floor and reglued all the pieces in place.


You can see the whole thing with closeups here:


Big House Foyer

I’m still in the process of putting finishing touches on the foyer, but I have before/after pics


Before: Victorian wallpaper, free-standing staircase, front bay removed


After (1): Staircase cleaned and retouched, new wall with closet, updated color scheme that carries into music room beyond.


After (2): You can glimpse the old wallpaper inside the closet.

I need to add pictures and things to soften it up. That’s the fun part.

I’m stymied on my repair to the highboy. I found cabriole legs that are almost the same, and sanded them into shape. And then discovered I have no black paint. The path to dollhouse repair is never smooth.

The Palette

Yesterday I finished most of the trimming of the first floor room of the Big House.

Since I love before and after pics, here are some:


“Before.” The previous incarnation as a Victorian parlor (with renovation in progress).


“After.” The same room, updated. I plan to make this a music room.

The garden “outside” is lit with the NovaLyte white strip LED light. It really looks like daylight out there!

None of this renovating was expensive. The false wall is 1/4″ plywood from the lumberyard, the plaster is spackle from the same hardware store. The trim is inexpensive dollhouse trim or 1/2″ stripwood and 1/4″ sq stripwood. I’m using the old windows in the house (repainted), and keeping the flooring (that I painstakingly put in one strip at a time). The “garden” is a photo.

The lights were about $11 a piece. Probably the French window is the most expensive item. Amazing what you can do for a few bucks.

More before and after pics of the entry hall when I fix up a few things in there.


I am having fun playing around with the new LED lights from NovaLyte. I bought two from Mainly Minis, but they’re available all over the place and relatively inexpensive (gotta like that).

NovaLyte Daylight White Strip

In the “Big House” I’m remodeling, I’m taking advantage of the depth of the house to put in false walls and outside scenes (it’s an open-front, cabinet type house).

I tried out the NovaLyte “daylight white” strip light, and wow, it really looks good. The chandelier in the room I’m currently working on throws a warm yellow light, and the cooler light of the LED behind the window looks so real.

I’ll post a picture as soon as I get some baseboards in and the floor cleaned up.

I’m toying with the idea of trying some of their can lights for the kitchen.


Today the cat threw up, more clues that he might have eaten the highboy leg. No, I did not check what was in what came out. I love my minis, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

HBS (miniatures.com) have cabriole legs in the size I need, so I duly ordered more.

Progress on my big remodeling project (discussion to be posted): I got the ceiling papered in the large downstairs room (to become a music room), with chandelier wired and installed. Recruited dh to help–hard to hold pasted paper and chandelier and stick wire through hole in back of house at the same time.

Chandelier still works. Everything is drying.

Not the Best Start

Welcome to my mini blog. Its primary purpose is to keep me on track–show progress on projects, ponder new ideas, learn mini tricks, share photos of my minis, and add a helpful tip or two.

I started this morning by knocking a highboy off the top of my dresser (where it sits in the black and white room). It crashed to the floor, and the four legs came off. Nothing too difficult to repair, except I only found three legs and a foot.


The absense of the fourth leg is suspicious. I suspect the thing fell so readily because the fourth leg had already been chewed through.

In fact, part of it may be inside a cat.


Don’t be fooled by his innocent face. He already ate a Sylvia Roundtree shoe.

If I can’t find the piece, I’ll have to locate another cabriole leg. This highboy was a House of Miniatures kit, so will have to find something of the same size. Suggestions are welcome.