Welcome to my mini blog. Its primary purpose is to keep me on track–show progress on projects, ponder new ideas, learn mini tricks, share photos of my minis, and add a helpful tip or two.

I started this morning by knocking a highboy off the top of my dresser (where it sits in the black and white room). It crashed to the floor, and the four legs came off. Nothing too difficult to repair, except I only found three legs and a foot.


The absense of the fourth leg is suspicious. I suspect the thing fell so readily because the fourth leg had already been chewed through.

In fact, part of it may be inside a cat.


Don’t be fooled by his innocent face. He already ate a Sylvia Roundtree shoe.

If I can’t find the piece, I’ll have to locate another cabriole leg. This highboy was a House of Miniatures kit, so will have to find something of the same size. Suggestions are welcome.