Yesterday I finished most of the trimming of the first floor room of the Big House.

Since I love before and after pics, here are some:


“Before.” The previous incarnation as a Victorian parlor (with renovation in progress).


“After.” The same room, updated. I plan to make this a music room.

The garden “outside” is lit with the NovaLyte white strip LED light. It really looks like daylight out there!

None of this renovating was expensive. The false wall is 1/4″ plywood from the lumberyard, the plaster is spackle from the same hardware store. The trim is inexpensive dollhouse trim or 1/2″ stripwood and 1/4″ sq stripwood. I’m using the old windows in the house (repainted), and keeping the flooring (that I painstakingly put in one strip at a time). The “garden” is a photo.

The lights were about $11 a piece. Probably the French window is the most expensive item. Amazing what you can do for a few bucks.

More before and after pics of the entry hall when I fix up a few things in there.