One thing I dislike doing in dollhouses is painting all the moulding and trim. Dentil moulding is particularly annoying because of the teeth.

Sounds comical but true:


You have to get the brush between all those little teeth or bare wood will show (esp once you glue it to the wall) and it will look awful. So small brush, paint, slide between each one. Tedious.

But it’s done and glued in the music room, so yay. Now that I have the kitchen mostly done I’m going back and putting on finishing touches to the other rooms that I either was too bored to do at the time or didn’t have the materials for.

Life as a miniaturist is not all glam.

Kitchen–Nearly There

Working hard, have it almost done.


Countertops, windows, breakfast bar, etc. all in. Will do a tile backsplash around the counters.


From the hall into the kitchen. Not the best pic, but gives the idea of the partition between kitchen island and rest of room.


Closeup, tiled breakfast bar. More pictures in the Kitchen page under “Big House Remodel.”

I still need to put in cornices and finishing touches, and then, of course, decorate. But the bulk of the remodel is done.


Now, what to do with this room?

I Suffer for My Art

Last night I installed canned lights in the false ceiling and glued it in place in the dollhouse. Today, I checked it and two of the canned lights had popped from their holes and were resting on their sides between real ceiling and false ceiling.

Heavy sigh. Had to take out false ceiling, redo canned lights and do it again.

Cat found this fascinating. I did not.

Also managed to mislay a package of lovely wood veneer. Eight pieces of various woods, and I’d only used one. Argh.

The lights are right now, am working on the trim. Don’t want to do photos until trim is mostly done.