The Cherrydale

This is a Cherrydale (originally by Lilliput which is now Real Good Toys; or maybe it was always part of RGT). Anyway… I bought this house with the exterior finished as you see, from the DIL of a miniaturist. It was a bargan–the house plus several large boxes of miniature “stuff” for not much $$, but DIL was clearing her MIL’s estate and basically needed the minis gone, but to a good home.

I bless the day my friend called me and asked me to drive over to take the house off her hands. The two ladies who worked on this (I never met them–I don’t even know their names), did a lovely job on the exterior. They upgraded some of the components (porch railings), built the two-story extension, and had started finishing the inside (wallpaper/flooring/wainscotting/trim in most of the rooms).

I wired and completed the inside (see: on my website for lots of photos. Now I’m faced with finishing and landscaping the exterior.

I’ve not done a lot of landscaping, and I’m trying to tell myself not to be afraid. The builders put the house on an inch-high “foundation,” which gives it a nice base. I in turn set it on a piece of plywood (as shown here) which will become the yard. I made this house a bed and breakfast, so I’d like to make the yard pretty and welcoming, have a hanging sign on the porch, and a brick/flagstone area for outdoor barbequing.

I’ve found amazing things in the boxes I purchased: a full set of “wicker” garden furniture, Houseworks components for a picket fence and gate, even a small coi pond. I’ve bought some more materials myself, so I’m ready to take the plunge.

The only other landscaping I’ve done is on the 1/2-inch Cotswold Cottage, which came out OK, but just OK:

I won’t fear the landscaping. I won’t fear the landscaping…