Finished! and New Project

Finished the third floor hall of the Big House except decorating (rug, pictures, finishing touches). The window is in place, the lights working.

Looking at the room in context with the house shows that the elevator doors correspond with the elevator below it.

Probably wouldn’t work in real life, but this is my fantasy house!

Closeup of the lovely chair by Kari Bloom Minton Miniatures, a present to myself a while back. Lamp is by Little Lamplighter (another present to myself).

Other than the purchase of chair and lamp, redoing this room was cheap and easy! The hardest part was waiting for the fountain for the grotto, because it had to be backordered from Lawbre. The rest is paint, stain, strip wood, and special effects.

Next project: The bathroom for this house (the Big House). Old room was a library. I liked it when I finished it, but the wallpaper is stained the room kind of sagging. Will give it new life.

Below is another shot of the Utilities room, fixed up how I want it. Still needs finishing touches, but I will do all that once I get the remodeling done for the whole house.

Big House–Third Floor Hall

Am just about done with the third floor hall. Grotto and lights in place. I’ll be putting a picture window in front of the grotto.

Back light is LED (Novalyte). I’m using a round-wire system for this house. The floor lamp’s wire runs behind the false wall up to the back wall and through a hole in the top. LED wire runs through the same hole. Behind the house, the wires are wired into Houseworks plugs, which plug into a Houseworks power strip, which in turn runs to a transformer.

The grotto wall looks 3D, but it’s a piece of stone paper from Micro Mark, aged with paint, over a photo of trees. I put vines on the trees, Spanish moss on the ground dotted with paper-punch flowers. I like how the LED looks like light shining through the trees.

Have more to do (window, trim, neaten everything), and then it’s done, ready for furniture and decorative items.

Tale of two projects

I can’t do just one thing at a time. I stay fresh by going back and forth.

I’ve started back on the Blue House landscaping and garden, plus I’ve roughed in the third floor hall (former bathroom) on the Big House. Pics below to tell the story.

The back entrance area paved and the gate and fence put up.

Closeup of back entrance stairs and stuff.

The garden bed started. I’ve used Little Goodies kits (she’s out of business, but I have them left over), as-is flowers from HBS, marigold kits, and paper punched flowers by me.

Closeup of the flowers. I plan to fill the bed.

On to the Big House:

See my last post for what this looked like before (an old bathroom). Roughed in the new walls and floor. Put in photo and brick wall for atrium/grotto scene (it looks like a shower right now, but no, it will be a tiny garden with a window in front of it). Lights are roughed in place.

Good progress for a couple of weeks in my spare (very spare) time.

More on the Big House

This is the third floor bathroom in the Big House. It’s right above the second floor hall. While it’s a cute Victorian-style room–it’s outta there. I’m changing it to a hallway (where the elevator from below comes out).

Plans: An atrium at the back seen through a large window. Elevator doors. Nice furnishings.

The bathroom itself will get moved into the room to the left of it, which is much bigger, and completely redone.

Don’t fear the landscape–in-progress photos

Ok, I sat and looked at my Cherrydale, studied landscapes done by talented people in Miniature Collector, and started to get ideas.

I have some photos in progress. Haven’t glued anything down here–trying everything out. I plan to do a flowerbed under the front wing window: an irregular shape outlined with brick, filled with flowers (that I have yet to make).

An overview first, then details.


Purchased brick stairs, made the side columns, put in front walk plus flowers (pansies made by me).

Detail of paneled porch sides, my pansies, and flowered bushes by Bill Lankford (Creative Accents). (affordable landscape items made by an artisan–love it!)

What I bought from Creative Accents: Climbing roses, forsythia bush (bright yellow), pink border plants. Found the picket fence and gate in boxes that came with the house–I cut to size and painted then hinged the gate. Will put a park bench out here too.

Detail of climbing roses, border plants. Little green bushes are made of “green stuff ” I bought from All Things Small (; birdhouse in redwood bucket I bought at a local miniature show.

I’ll be paving the side yard and putting in brick stairs.

Much more to do, but it’s a start. And I’m no longer afraid.