Ok, I sat and looked at my Cherrydale, studied landscapes done by talented people in Miniature Collector, and started to get ideas.

I have some photos in progress. Haven’t glued anything down here–trying everything out. I plan to do a flowerbed under the front wing window: an irregular shape outlined with brick, filled with flowers (that I have yet to make).

An overview first, then details.


Purchased brick stairs, made the side columns, put in front walk plus flowers (pansies made by me).

Detail of paneled porch sides, my pansies, and flowered bushes by Bill Lankford (Creative Accents). http://www.billlankford.com/landscaping_items.htm (affordable landscape items made by an artisan–love it!)

What I bought from Creative Accents: Climbing roses, forsythia bush (bright yellow), pink border plants. Found the picket fence and gate in boxes that came with the house–I cut to size and painted then hinged the gate. Will put a park bench out here too.

Detail of climbing roses, border plants. Little green bushes are made of “green stuff ” I bought from All Things Small (http://www.allthingssmall.com); birdhouse in redwood bucket I bought at a local miniature show.

I’ll be paving the side yard and putting in brick stairs.

Much more to do, but it’s a start. And I’m no longer afraid.