Am just about done with the third floor hall. Grotto and lights in place. I’ll be putting a picture window in front of the grotto.

Back light is LED (Novalyte). I’m using a round-wire system for this house. The floor lamp’s wire runs behind the false wall up to the back wall and through a hole in the top. LED wire runs through the same hole. Behind the house, the wires are wired into Houseworks plugs, which plug into a Houseworks power strip, which in turn runs to a transformer.

The grotto wall looks 3D, but it’s a piece of stone paper from Micro Mark, aged with paint, over a photo of trees. I put vines on the trees, Spanish moss on the ground dotted with paper-punch flowers. I like how the LED looks like light shining through the trees.

Have more to do (window, trim, neaten everything), and then it’s done, ready for furniture and decorative items.