Finished the third floor hall of the Big House except decorating (rug, pictures, finishing touches). The window is in place, the lights working.

Looking at the room in context with the house shows that the elevator doors correspond with the elevator below it.

Probably wouldn’t work in real life, but this is my fantasy house!

Closeup of the lovely chair by Kari Bloom Minton Miniatures, a present to myself a while back. Lamp is by Little Lamplighter (another present to myself).

Other than the purchase of chair and lamp, redoing this room was cheap and easy! The hardest part was waiting for the fountain for the grotto, because it had to be backordered from Lawbre. The rest is paint, stain, strip wood, and special effects.

Next project: The bathroom for this house (the Big House). Old room was a library. I liked it when I finished it, but the wallpaper is stained the room kind of sagging. Will give it new life.

Below is another shot of the Utilities room, fixed up how I want it. Still needs finishing touches, but I will do all that once I get the remodeling done for the whole house.