Part II: Hitch, tires, taillights. Bed and curtains.

Scroll for pictures plus my tips, and my “discovery” of an easy way to do half-inch scale pillows.

The hitch and wheels in place.

With wheels, back.

 I decided to use purchased tires–these are model airplane tires for $1.49 at Hobby Bench. Grunged up, they suit the purpose.

Interior air vent faked with black-painted gauze and silver-painted wood strips. The top air vent made according to instructions (couldn't get good pic, but it's up there).

Tires are model airplane wheels I found for $1.49 at Hobby Bench. I found a piece of silver scrapbooking paper in my paper drawer, covered the bottom of the trailer with it.

Bed in place. Went through fabric scraps and found leftover Brodnax pink silk plus some fun black polka-dot cotton I bought at a show. I also used swatches I'd gotten from a long ago mail-order fabric club (real sized) for curtains and a pillow.

Closeup of bed. Looks cozy--pain to get pillows in place!


1. The dimensions given in the magazine for the top of the bed are wrong. The width should be 2 inches not 2.5 inches. When I plopped the 2.5″ bed top inside to see how it fit, it extended all the way to the big window–not enough room to fit in the cabinets. I trimmed to 2″ and all was well (and matches the photo in the magazine). The dimensions of all other bed parts are correct.

2. There is no art in the magazine for the “wood” to go around the bottom of the bed. I made another copy of the art and used the strips meant for the benches. I could have covered the exposed part with fabric or wood veneer, but I wanted the consistency. You can barely see it anyway!

3. If I do the project again, I’ll glue on the window curtains before putting the trailer together. Getting my huge hands inside was a PITA, especially the one window in the back side! 

4. Find something to prop up the back end while working with the bed. The trailer was perfectly balanced between wheels and hitch until I put in the bed; then it tipped to the back. Could be I didn’t get the wheels exactly in the right place, or once I get benches in the other side it will balance again. But when I display it, I’ll put “bricks” there as though the trailer hasn’t been moved in a while.

5. I discovered an easy way to make half-inch scale pillows without stitching (and b*tching): For pillows that are about 5/8 square–cut a strip of fabric 1.5 inches by .75 inches. Fold in half and trim the three open ends until you have a square a little more than 5/8. Press. Cut a very thin piece of foam or batting and put it inside the folded square. Glue the edges with tacky glue (be sparing!), squeezing edges together to make sure they’re completely closed.

Clean up the glue, and trim the edges with scissors once again to make sure they’re square. You can add tiny trim or ribbon around the edges if desired. Glue keeps the edges from fraying. I’m glad I figured this out–I have a half-inch house that is crying out for pillows and cushions.

(The largest pillow on the bed is about 1″ X 3/4″)

Now I’m working on the benches and table, and cabinets, which will be in the next post.