Project of the Moment–Courtyard

I won this kit in a raffle at a State Day. I believe this was leftover from a State Day of the Gulf Coast Miniaturists. The instructions describe it as a New Orleans courtyard.

The only thing in the kit were the bare cut plywood parts, a sheet of brick wallpaper and a piece of cardboard. Oh, and a palm tree. 🙂

Here we are in progress. The point of the kit/class is to teach stucco, peeled stucco, and aging. Stucco is done using crinkled facial tissue and paint. Lots of paint! (Went through a bottle of light ivory and antique white). I used aging methods I learned doing the quarter-inch Provence house. Not finished yet, but I like it so far.

The right-hand opening was originally an arch, but I'm going to put a door in there, so I squared it.

The arch will lead to a door (the Carolina door by Houseworks). I plan to add a light, a fountain, and other things.

Another shot of the front.

I will pave the courtyard with pavers and do a shingled roof. Plus weeds and things! 🙂

Half-Inch Trailer Part III (The Last)

Here it is, the trailer interior done. I finished a couple of days ago, but haven’t had a chance to post the pics. (Plans are in the June and July issues of Miniature Collector: )

I will add accessories–kitchen things plus towels and the like. I’ve parked the trailer temporarily in the side yard of the Cotswold Cottage ( But The project is essentially done! Fun, but I’m ready to move on. 🙂

The finished interior.

The eating area with iced tea.

Sink/stove/cabinets and bed. I put the sink next to the bed because my countertop fit better as cut. Justified it by saying I wouldn't want a stove next to my bedsheets anyway.