Finishing touches

Mini time this week was spent putting finishing touches on the quarter-inch Provence house. Pics below. Also build bathtub and installed in the Big House. Once I get the trim in, I’ll take those pictures.

Starting from the top: Sitting Room: Added pictures, made throw, book/lamp to table. Made book myself!

Left side: added plant to fireplace

Bedroom, right side: Added pictures and window cornice.

Bedroom, left: Added towel and ring.

Bathroom: Added towel rack/shelf, and (triumph!) made 1/4 scale toilet paper.

Kitchen: Added picture to brighten it up and curtains to window and door.

Looking at the photos I see that the kitchen is missing towels. Will make those. One of the failed rolls of toilet paper did become a roll of paper towels (though it didn’t get into the photo).

Toilet paper, btw, is a strip of white cotton cloth folded lengthwise (glued), wrapped twice around a 4mm jump link and cut (w/ a little bit hanging down).

One reason I take so many photos of my minis is not only to share but to show myself what I need to fix and what’s missing. I’m also learning a lot about my camera!

I have a ceiling

Got the ceiling installed two days ago, today fixed walls and got new back photo installed. View is from La Jolla, CA, looking out at the Pacific. I have a good camera!

Bathroom ceiling and canned lights installed. “Out-the-window” photo and bright white light installed. All lights are Nova Lyte.

 Now must build the platform bathtub and install the window wall.

Yay, I seem to be Mini-ing again

It’s funny what new wood strips can inspire. I tore out the bad walls in the bathroom, put in beams, cut the ceiling, cut holes for the canned lights.

Tested canned lights–they work. Spent half an hour going over the wiring on the back of the house, organizing it, taping down wires, cleaning up that mess.

Hope to install ceiling today, then move on to through-window scene and maybe get the walls re-installed. Will be happy to just get the ceiling up.

It feels good to work on the house again. Course I’m looking at the 10 pairs of shutters on it realizing I will have to repaint them.


Just before Thanksgiving, my dad, who helped me build The Big House when I was sixteen, passed away. Needless to say, I haven’t done much with minis lately. Because he was in the hospital for a week, plus everything afterward, I got a long way behind on work, and the wherewithal to do minis was just gone.

I plan to continue working on the Big House and finish it in his honor. I had glued in some walls in the bathroom but had to pull them out and redo–this depressed me, so I slowed down.

I did get some canned lights to put in the ceiling, and once I get some wood strips for beams, I’ll install the ceiling, recut the walls, and move on.

Decorating / buying, etc. for Christmas also slowed me down! But I scored a gift certificate to Suzanne and Andrew’s minis. I plan to use that soon, which I hope will inspire me to get in there and get mini again!