Just before Thanksgiving, my dad, who helped me build The Big House when I was sixteen, passed away. Needless to say, I haven’t done much with minis lately. Because he was in the hospital for a week, plus everything afterward, I got a long way behind on work, and the wherewithal to do minis was just gone.

I plan to continue working on the Big House and finish it in his honor. I had glued in some walls in the bathroom but had to pull them out and redo–this depressed me, so I slowed down.

I did get some canned lights to put in the ceiling, and once I get some wood strips for beams, I’ll install the ceiling, recut the walls, and move on.

Decorating / buying, etc. for Christmas also slowed me down! But I scored a gift certificate to Suzanne and Andrew’s minis. I plan to use that soon, which I hope will inspire me to get in there and get mini again!