Mini time this week was spent putting finishing touches on the quarter-inch Provence house. Pics below. Also build bathtub and installed in the Big House. Once I get the trim in, I’ll take those pictures.

Starting from the top: Sitting Room: Added pictures, made throw, book/lamp to table. Made book myself!

Left side: added plant to fireplace

Bedroom, right side: Added pictures and window cornice.

Bedroom, left: Added towel and ring.

Bathroom: Added towel rack/shelf, and (triumph!) made 1/4 scale toilet paper.

Kitchen: Added picture to brighten it up and curtains to window and door.

Looking at the photos I see that the kitchen is missing towels. Will make those. One of the failed rolls of toilet paper did become a roll of paper towels (though it didn’t get into the photo).

Toilet paper, btw, is a strip of white cotton cloth folded lengthwise (glued), wrapped twice around a 4mm jump link and cut (w/ a little bit hanging down).

One reason I take so many photos of my minis is not only to share but to show myself what I need to fix and what’s missing. I’m also learning a lot about my camera!