Pat Balazs Mini Cottages

I always love the articles about Pat Balazs’s houses that appear from time to time in Miniature Collector. I want to crawl into the pages and explore beyond the photos in the magazine. Bless her, she has a website! With many more pictures of the cottages. 

The April Min Collector features her Lilac Cottage.

Her miniatures are beautiful and so well crafted, and give me much inspiration.

Big House Bedroom–A Start

Onward. The next room is the old bedroom, which will become, in a switch–the bedroom. I want to make it elegant, feminine, cushy, you name it. I’ll give it a shot.

The old pink bedroom, stripped down.

While I wait for supplies to arrive (namely the window), I decided to go ahead and put together the bed kit I bought for it a long time ago from Williamson Walton Marble. Checking their website today, I no longer see the kits for sale, but if you emailed them, they might let you know if/when they’d be available again, if ever. (I purchased mine years ago.)

The bed, gold leafed and ready to be dressed.

I discovered that gold leafing on a very dry day is a bad idea. The size dried faster than I could reach for a piece of gold! I perservered.

The bed with mattress and padded headboard finished.

The kit came with enough white fabric to finish it, but I’m going with my own fabric to match the room. Silks I bought from Dragonfly International at shows in the last couple years. (I hoard.)

I will wait to finish the bed until after I’ve installed the walls. I’m running out of places to put things, and I don’t want to ruin it.

Next, I’ll figure out exactly how I want the walls and the window. I’m going to try canned ceiling lights again, plus I have some lovely wall sconces by Luminations by Mr. K standing by. This is fun.

Bathroom mostly done

I’m thrilled that I finished the basic structure and components of the Big House bathroom. I need many finishing touches–curtains, towels, bath goodies–but the architectural elements are in place. Finally!

This bathroom has a walk-in shower, a window overlooking the beach, a fireplace, and comfy furnishings.

In miniature, you don't have to worry about the nice furniture getting ruined by damp.

A through-the-window look at the platform bathtub

A far cry from the old, worn out room. I kept the flooring and the door--all else was redone.