Onward. The next room is the old bedroom, which will become, in a switch–the bedroom. I want to make it elegant, feminine, cushy, you name it. I’ll give it a shot.

The old pink bedroom, stripped down.

While I wait for supplies to arrive (namely the window), I decided to go ahead and put together the bed kit I bought for it a long time ago from Williamson Walton Marble. Checking their website today, I no longer see the kits for sale, but if you emailed them, they might let you know if/when they’d be available again, if ever. (I purchased mine years ago.)

The bed, gold leafed and ready to be dressed.

I discovered that gold leafing on a very dry day is a bad idea. The size dried faster than I could reach for a piece of gold! I perservered.

The bed with mattress and padded headboard finished.

The kit came with enough white fabric to finish it, but I’m going with my own fabric to match the room. Silks I bought from Dragonfly International at shows in the last couple years. (I hoard.)

I will wait to finish the bed until after I’ve installed the walls. I’m running out of places to put things, and I don’t want to ruin it.

Next, I’ll figure out exactly how I want the walls and the window. I’m going to try canned ceiling lights again, plus I have some lovely wall sconces by Luminations by Mr. K standing by. This is fun.