Cherrydale Exterior

I’m slowly finishing the exterior of my Cherrydale. Front porch with wreath I made on the door. Chair w/ cat I bought at an “estate sale” at the Mini Time Machine museum (100% of proceeds went to the museum). Obviously chair was made for Halloween, but I thought it would look cute on the front porch.

View of porch and landscape from the side. Sign says “The Blue House Bed & Breakfast.”

Side porch.

Back (kitchen) door looking through back gate.

The whole front. I plan to put in a porch swing. When I took pics, I realized front door needs a step up. Plus the extension wing looks a little bare. Needs vines or shutters or both.

Details of the side garden.

Another detail of the garden. Click to enlarge.

More work on Big House bedroom

I’ve been amazingly busy this last month, mostly going to conferences and re-publishing my mystery series (On B&N here: ; also on Amazon Kindle).

But I’ve managed to squeeze in some work on the bedroom. Walls roughed in, nothing glued. Am playing with illusion.


Through the door looks 3D but it’s a photo. The lovely daybed was made by June Clinkscales. One talented artist.

I’m about ready to glue eveything in place and do finishing trim. Plus finish the bed and build a canopy for it.

I hadn’t planned doing a closet at all, but the wall was too bare without it. Photo behind the window is San Francisco, looking from Nob Hill to Angel Island. (Photo by me.)

Hope to finish this room soon!