Pictures will follow when I have time, but I’m proud to say the quarter-inch Avalon bungalow (Min Collector plans by Debbie Young), is pretty much done!

Roof is shingled and painted, trim (so much trim) applied, inside rafters / trim finished, some of the kitchen installed. Pics to come!

I’m very glad I did this project. Not a weekend project by any means (at least not for me). But I learned so much:

How to make the most of my power saw

How to electrify a quarter-inch house (my own discovery: that’s not in the plans)

The logic of the house’s design and how the pieces all fit together.

The importance of finishing as you go, from the ground up.

Last things to do: Put on a base, a little bit of landscaping, and of course, furniture and decor for the inside.

I’d like to switch back to 1 inch for a while, returning to the Big House until my eyes readjust. 🙂 Have three more rooms to remodel in it.

However, as a reward for the hard work I’ve been doing in the full-scale world, I indulged myself with the purchase of the 1/2″ scale Fairfield dollhouse kit. Have had my eye on it for a while! I’m excited to start more half-inch work.