I vowed I’d go back to the Big House once the 1/4″ bungalow was mostly done, but then the 1/2″ Fairfield arrived. I couldn’t resist opening the box and starting in. I have been so busy (out of town plus ton o’ work) that I’ve only managed to build the founation.

I’ve never done a Greenleaf house before, so I have slowed down to seriously consider what I want to do. I purchased a Majestic Mansions front door (I know I’ll have to modify the front door opening, but that’s fine). I have not decided how I’ll do the windows (Houseworks, Grandt Line, kit windows, build my own?), but I know I want to modify the staircases.

My plan is to rough the house together (without gluing) to give me ideas about what the rooms will be (straightforward house w/ living/dining/kitchen/bedrms? Or another B&B? or…)

Outside–I’d love to do a painted lady. Am doing research on colors.

I’m also looking at blogs of other miniaturists who have done or are working on the Fairfield. Thanks everyone for sharing pics and tips! I love the generosity of miniaturists.

Will have pics as I go along. Above is the “official” picture of the house on the kit’s box. I’m excited!