I recommend to anyone who has not built a house from a kit, Greenleaf or otherwise, to take out the main house pieces and fit them together, holding in place with masking tape, before starting to finish and glue.

I’m very glad I did. I went from looking at pieces and schematics wondering what to do, to having “Ah ha!” moments when looking at the mocked-up house.

Plus, the piecing can be tricky, so it’s good to know problems before painting and gluing. Some of the slots were too narrow or tight, but were easily fixed with an X-acto knife. I gained a good idea of how the entire house would go together just by putting together the main walls.

Here we have the right side of the house, first and second floors. The plans call for it to be living/dining; bedrm/bedrm, with kitchen and bath in the wing behind. I’d rather have the kitchen in this wing (to the right of the the living room), with the dining room beyond.  Upstairs, I’ll be putting a bathroom where 2nd bedroom should be.

This is where the kitchen (downstairs), bath (upstairs with tiny partition that I didn’t bother to put in) are to be. I will make the bottom room the dining room (with the nice big bay window); leave out the partition upstairs and make the upstairs hall an open gallery / sitting room.

The front part of this will be the front porch. The area inside the slots will be the front entrance. Note that the stairs are supposed to go up right there, but I boldly cut the stair railing off to make the entrance to the living room larger. I will turn the stairs around and use Houseworks stairs leading up from the back.

On the second floor, instead of roofing over the front porch, I’ll turn it into a balcony, changing the windows of the tower to French doors.

The attic is supposed to be totally open (the hole is for the chimney), but I think there is plenty of space up there for more rooms. I’ll cut my own partitions and make and office and small bedroom, maybe a tiny second bath.

Also there are no stairs from second to third floor. This makes me flinch. So, I turned on my trusty jigsaw and cut out a hole for a second staircase, which will come up right above the first.

The hole (not pictured) is now near the back slot by the tower wall. I will keep this open as a gallery open to the tower beyond.

The Fairfield has some nice details, such as the fireplace / room dividers on first and second floors. The open side of the lower fireplace will contain a bookcase. This is the right side first and second floor (living room below, bed above), with the fireplaces taped together in place.

Backside of the fireplaces. This will be the kitchen below and bathroom above. Why not have fireplaces in kitchen and bathroom?

Taping together has really helped me visualize and decide what to do, even how to decorate each room. I have started ordering supplies!

And of course, the “assistants,” who pretty much stayed in that position the whole time I took all the photos, built the fireplaces, taped them in place, and took more pics. They like to help.