Fairfield Half Inch–Third taping

Progress. First I need to acknowledge my assistants:

First Supervisory Assistant

Second Supervisory Assistant

They make sure nothing goes wrong. Or at least that nothing wakes them up.

Here’s what I’m calling the “sun room,” which is the kitchen in the original plans. Ceiling is wallpapered, floor is a the Brodnax parquet (half done), which carries to the front door.

Testing the lights in the living room.

Looking from the back, the taped together house.

Sun room looking through arch toward living room.

Front bedroom.

I’m ready to build the bay windows to see how to finish those inside and outside.

Someday I’ll actually glue this house together. (What?!)

Fairfield, Second Taping

Click on photos for larger versions.

Another rough tape-together of the house.

As you can see by comparing to the picture in my previous post, I went ahead and sliced off the foyer wall to make the entire right side of the house open to the front door. The back door stuck in there is the Majestic Mansions door, which I think is going to work well.

Upstairs I enlarged one tower window opening to put in French doors that will lead to a balcony. Also, I cut another window in the wall above the door. Lots more light in here now, and fewer enclosed tiny spaces.

Living room, roughed in. A bay window will be on the left. I like how the ceiling turned out. I’ve had the hankering to use the leopard wallpaper for a long time!

Kitchen roughed in. Other walls will have the matching wallpaper strip at the top. I might do a more interesting ceiling as well; haven’t decided yet.

Front view of the new cut up foyer. I’m going to try the front door that came with the kit, but we’ll see. Stairs will go up from back.

The selection of Brodax prints wallpapers I’m using for this house. My lighting isn’t the best, so these colors are a brighter than what you see here. What I love about Brodnax is that you can mix and match papers / fabric / patterns within a general theme, and everything matches!

I used a lot of Brodnax in the Blue House B&B, and for the first time ever, I was able to use several different patterns in one room and have them all match. (See, especially the bedroom.) Brilliant! And only $1 a sheet.

You can order directly from Brodax: http://brodnaxprints.com/ The Quarter Source also has a fantastic selection of both the 1/2″ and 1/4″ Brodnax wallpapers:  http://thequartersource.com/miniatures/index.php?main_page=index