I finally got the lights hooked up and tested on the first two floors.

Living room, looking into foyer.


This will be the kitchen.

Entrance hall. I like how the wallpapered ceiling came out. It never occurred to me to wallpaper a ceiling, until I was flipping through the book, Painted Ladies Revisited, and saw some lovely examples of wallpapered ceilings, Victorian style.  Mine is nowhere near as elaborate, but I’m happy with it.

Upstairs front room. This will be the bedroom.

This will become the bathroom.

Upstairs main hall. Wanted to put a light in the tower section, but the ceiling is too low for a ceiling fixture.

Looking at these pics reminds me how much trimming I’ll have to do. Lots of little gaps (the warpage factor).

When I dry fitted the roof pieces, I saw that if I want stairs to go to the third floor and the tower to be accessible (kit has it totally enclosed, which could be cool too), I have to modify the roof pieces. So, I, my trusty power saw, ruler, and pencil went to work. Hopefully it will all come out right. We’ll see!