As I put on the roof, the 1/2″ Fairfield is starting to look more like a real house.



Back of the house. I modified the attic/roof wall because I wanted the attic closed into rooms a little more (kit has it one big open space). You can see where I modified the attic floor to put in a second staircase as well as to have an open gallery to the second floor.


Staircases roughed in. Kit has no staircase to the attic, but I have vowed never to build a house again without stairs that access all floors. It’s a quirk.


More modifications to the attic floor. I wanted to have the tower accessible from the house instead of being closed off. This entailed cutting the roof to allow for an opening, and building in pieces to connect tower to the house. Also, because of warping and because I wanted more support, I put in roof beams at all corners.


The left attic room. Modifications mean I have to trim and hide much–I continued the elephant motif on the chunk of trim I had to use to hide the hole at the bottom of the wall.

The entire house needs trimming, trimming, trimming! That’s next.