Because the Fairfield is made of thin plywood that warps and has many raw edges, trimming everything is a must.

My helpful hint is to arm yourself with plenty of wood strips in the following sizes (all measurements in inches):

1/8  x 1/8

1/8 x 1/16

1/4 x 1/16

1/4 x 1/4

1/8 cove molding or 1/8 corner molding (available from Northeastern Scale Models, which Karen at The Quarter Source sells–see link on my sidebar).

1/2 – scale baseboards (optional–I like them, but 1/4 x 1/16 strips will do). Dollhouse Heaven carries 1/2-scale baseboards.

1/2 x 1/16 strips can be useful too

Wood veneer: I have been cutting apart and using scraps from the flooring sheets by Houseworks or Handley House (whoever is doing those now). Hobby Builders Supply carries them in different woods.

The wood veneer comes in handy for trimming the inside curves of the arched doorways and inside the arches of the bay windows.

I also suggest an E-Z Cutter (worth every penny), and wood stain pens by Minwax to keep yourself sane. TG for stain pens.

The wood veneer bent around the insides of the arches pretty well. It’s also useful to trim ragged ends of flooring (or anything else). The bookcase will be trimmed when I get the shelves in–I’ll probably do that last.

Lots of trim, including around the inside of the staircase opening

So much trimming in the upstairs hall! Floors, ceiling, staircase openings, walls, doorframes. I still haven’t finished.

The bathroom, mostly trimmed.

Bedroom with trim in place.

Left (or front) attic room.

The “elephant room” (back or right attic). . I also added brick paper to the chimney.

Tower Room. Ceiling will be trimmed after I get the cupola done and attached.

I know I have a little more to do, but I think for now, the inside is finished enough that I can concentrate on the outside, and figure out how to paint my painted lady.