I had the fortune to go to Tucson and revisit the Mini Time Machine museum. Check out the Gallery in the Feb 2012 issue of Miniature Collector for a small peek the things there. Apparently there will be an entire article on it in Min Collector soon.

The collection is huge. I love that every time I go in, I see something new. This time what caught my eye was:

This room in the large dollhouse in the lobby, called Lagniappe by Madelyn Cook. This dollhouse is gigantic (the photo in the Feb. Min Collector shows only one side of it). The dollhouse has rooms on all four sides, a big courtyard, and so many other things. This room is tucked away on the side of the house, and caught my attention when I walked around it to get to the rest of the museum. (BTW, all the rooms are different–the whole house is not like this room.)

Is it not delicious? The color is like cake icing.

Click on the picture and the one below to enlarge them and roam around. Beautiful!


A couple other structures I hadn’t noticed last time is the French Keep, by Robert Daugherty

and this Dutch house by Ron and April Gill.

Amazing stuff. This is the tip of the iceberg. (I have more photos, but thought I’d dribble them out a little at a time).

The Mini Time Machine is very easy to get to, in Tucson, on the corner of Swan and Camp Lowell (Fort Lowell road turns into Camp Lowell just before you get to the museum). On the northwest corner, but not right on the corner (the entrance is on Camp Lowell just west of the strip mall).

Everyone should go! Worth the trip to Tucson.