Miniature show fun

To take a much-needed break (and to shop!) I went to the Small World Miniatures Club show and sale this morning. I took a wad of money and bought things from Autumn Leaf Studio, Wee Mini Makers, the Hairy Potter, and others.

The show encourages people both, in the club and out, to bring their completed minis for display.

I snapped some photos of ones that caught my eye. I don’t know the artists on most of these, sorry. They’re people who live in my city who like to make minis!

First, this Japanese house. It looks like the Adams kit, kit-bashed, doesn’t it? I commend the imagination of the crafter. I see so few Japanese mini houses–plus  I lived in Japan for a time–so I had to stop for a look.

Traditional Japanese interior, complete with the niche for scroll and flower, and the shamisen on the floor against the left  wall.

Front door–a sliding shoji screen–shoes (whose name I can’t remember), and a glimpse inside, including the kimono hanging on the wall. Love this!

Enjoyed this laundry room inside a Tide box.


Another one of my favorites. 1/4 scale Sleeping Beauty castle. I think I’m getting the need to do a fairy-tale castle.

Interior of the Sleeping Beauty castle. Lovely.


Possibly my favorite scene. A 1/144 mill house. (I think it’s 1/144–it fits inside a very small dome anyway)


Side of the mill house.

Back. This side was facing away from the viewing area, and there were “Do Not Touch” signs all over the place. So I set my camera down behind it (set on macro), and took the pic. I didn’t touch anything! Honest.

I thought this was the most interesting view.

My wallet is lighter, my feet hurt, but I had a good time. Back to writing.


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