Bungalow Revisited

While I procrastinate shingling the Fairfield, I’m slowly finishing the inside of the Avalon bungalow. I’m a long way from finished–need a few more pieces of furniture and then the lived-in touches.

I can never get completely clear photos of quarter-inch minis, but these came out pretty well.


Living Room. The furniture is kits by Karen Carey, finished and upholstered by me.


A shot of the entire back of the house. I have basic furniture in all rooms now, plus lights.


Bedroom. Bed and bench are artisan pieces purchased at a show; rocking chair is by Pier Luigi, purchased from Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis (see under 1/4 Scale Resources on the right-hand menu).


Kitchen. Fridge, sink, stove, and work table are from a kit from Debbie Young (Young at Heart). Mission chairs and table are kits from Karen Carey.


Front of house, nicely lit.


Another shot of the full back.

Links to Karen Carey, Debbie Young, and Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis on the right-hand menu. I also used a good many supplies from The Quarter Source.

Half Scale kitchen

Haven’t posted much (or worked on the Fairfield much) because I’ve been BUSY. I had to finish and turn in a book, revise/edit/proof another book, and then go back and revise first book. A writer’s life is not full of bon bons and massages by the pool. It’s bloody hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Anyway, while I was working, I purchased a half-scale fully finished kitchen from a miniaturist who was downsizing her collection. My husband (the enabler), told me to go for it, because after all, I was helping out a fellow miniaturist, right?

This kitchen was made by H.B. Jones in 1986. It’s electrified with 12-volt bulbs above sink and in the stove hood.

These are incandescent lights, but the simple way it’s wired (bulb, hole), I can easily switch the bulbs for LEDs.

Space for a refrigerator but no refrigerator, so I’ll have to do something about that.

The workmanship on this kitchen is just lovely. I have nowhere to put it (doesn’t fit into the Fairfield), so I’ll have to design a house to go around it. Or maybe an apartment/room box. What a hardship.

I love the way this looks, and I’m glad I bought it.