Haven’t posted much (or worked on the Fairfield much) because I’ve been BUSY. I had to finish and turn in a book, revise/edit/proof another book, and then go back and revise first book. A writer’s life is not full of bon bons and massages by the pool. It’s bloody hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Anyway, while I was working, I purchased a half-scale fully finished kitchen from a miniaturist who was downsizing her collection. My husband (the enabler), told me to go for it, because after all, I was helping out a fellow miniaturist, right?

This kitchen was made by H.B. Jones in 1986. It’s electrified with 12-volt bulbs above sink and in the stove hood.

These are incandescent lights, but the simple way it’s wired (bulb, hole), I can easily switch the bulbs for LEDs.

Space for a refrigerator but no refrigerator, so I’ll have to do something about that.

The workmanship on this kitchen is just lovely. I have nowhere to put it (doesn’t fit into the Fairfield), so I’ll have to design a house to go around it. Or maybe an apartment/room box. What a hardship.

I love the way this looks, and I’m glad I bought it.