Finding and Making Beautiful Minis

I’ve learned in the last week that Pinterst is the place to find and drool over pictures of beautiful miniatures. I love making my own, and I’m always happy when something comes out not looking like absolute crap. But I equally love to gaze at and drool over minis made by someone with amazing talent–after all, why do we love minis? Because we can look at them!

My Pinterest board (just started) for beautiful minis is:

Example of beautiful minis I’ve pinned:

By J L Signature Homes, as seen (not by me) at the recent Chicago show.

Pinterest is dangerous, because you click through from this board of minis to that one, to the blogs they came from, and suddenly half the day is gone!

Fairfield update: Am trimming roof and attic floor. Have become a trimming fool!



In the Interim

To reward myself for my April 2012 release (The Duke’s Perfect Wife) hitting the New York Times bestsellers list, I purchased a couple of things from artisans I’ve admired for a long time:

Item one: This lovely toile chair by June Clinkscales

 Item two:  This gorgeous Knowle sofa by Ron Hubble.

Both are going in the Big House. They are absolutely beautiful, workmanship is incredible.

Update on the Fairfield: I can cross “Shingle Fairfield” off my list of things to do. Woo hoo! Now I will be painting many, many 1/8″ strips for the trim.


I have been so busy trying to finish writing a book that I haven’t had time to do much in the mini world.

However, I am shingling the Fairfield as I can. I absolutely hate shingling so it’s slow… TV shows help!

I finished the back; now I’m working on the front (as you see), and the tower. I have two sides of the tower done (will trim the edges), two sides to go.

Have only a tiny bit done on the right side (below).

A few more TV shows might do the trick. So nice that I can watch them on my laptop while I glue and stick, glue and stick.

I’ll be painting them a dark wash when I’m done. I experimented with stain–it looked terrible with the house colors. Dark gray or black it will be.

So it goes!