It was with trepidation that I untangled all the wires and turned on the lights again. I’ve been moving this house around so much, I feared that the lights would have to all be redone. Not so.  This is the right side of the house, lamps working. The few pieces of furniture stuck in I’ll use for real later.

Living room, looking through to the front hall. Fireplace hearths are done as well. For the fireplaces, I pretty much used the kit as is, though I pasted brick paper inside the fireboxes and on the hearths. Mantels were stained with Minwax stain pen (Early American).

Left side / back first and second floors. I like how the light burnishes the parquet. Changes from kit–First floor: I eliminated the wall between this room and the foyer  (beyond the stairs), turned the staircase around, and left it open. Second floor: Eliminated bathroom wall, added staircase, added French door to balcony.

I’m proud of myself for remembering to wire in the front porch lights before it was too late to hide the wires. This is a step I always forget until the house is done and I notice the porch is dark. This time we have porch lights!

So… the exterior of the kit and interior design is pretty much complete. My next post will discuss my thoughts on what I learned plus tips that might help others who build this house.

Fairfield–The Front Porch

Voila, the Front Porch. When I researched what colors to paint the house (research=looked at pictures), interestingly, most of the porch posts I saw were a solid color, mostly white.  Many houses used a riot of colors on windows and doors, moldings and trim, but left the posts a single color.

I agonized over the colors for these, wanting painted columns, but not wanting to overdo it. I settled on white as the base color (it’s Antique White). The colors are Prism Color stain pens: Warm Gray, Navy Blue, and Sunburst Yellow. I used the Navy on window trim as well.

The Navy stain pen bleeds a bit (just a tip). The gray and yellow not very much. I went with blocks gray with blue highlights and still fewer yellow highlights. To decide the color scheme, I simply painted one of the veranda posts and played with it until I liked it.

The spindles are antique white with gray highlights.

I’m thrilled to have the porch done!

Fairfield–Nearing Completion

This is the second floor to third floor staircase I added, not part of original kit. I felt the need for a staircase to go all the way to the tower.

I also added the French door opening to the balcony (plus added the balcony).

This photo gives a better view of the tower room. Added a gallery railing so mini folks won’t plunge down to the second floor.

The biggest changes I made to the house were to this area (the left/back). Where the Wooten desk is on second floor was to have been a bathroom, walled off. The tower is supposed to be enclosed on four sides. The original attic floor extended to the right wall. I also added the window that’s facing us on the second floor.

Reason for the change? “What the heck.”

I wanted a more airy, open feel. If I ever build another kit of this house again (No!) I’ll try it with all the walls in place.

Fairfield Roof and Trim

Finished shingling! Yay! And most of the trimming. I’m not sure which is more tedious–shingling or trimming (it’s shingling). I’ve also started the railings: Have top porch done and most of staircase. Still to do, front porch.

Top porch railings finished.


View from the front. Porch still needs to be finished, plus gable apexes.

Back view. Note that I decided not to stain or paint the shingles. A test looked terrible! Had to pull off the test patch and re-shingle.

Staircases in with second floor railing in place. Will add  a gallery rail on the top floor (so mini inhabitants don’t fall from the loft).