This is the second floor to third floor staircase I added, not part of original kit. I felt the need for a staircase to go all the way to the tower.

I also added the French door opening to the balcony (plus added the balcony).

This photo gives a better view of the tower room. Added a gallery railing so mini folks won’t plunge down to the second floor.

The biggest changes I made to the house were to this area (the left/back). Where the Wooten desk is on second floor was to have been a bathroom, walled off. The tower is supposed to be enclosed on four sides. The original attic floor extended to the right wall. I also added the window that’s facing us on the second floor.

Reason for the change? “What the heck.”

I wanted a more airy, open feel. If I ever build another kit of this house again (No!) I’ll try it with all the walls in place.