Voila, the Front Porch. When I researched what colors to paint the house (research=looked at pictures), interestingly, most of the porch posts I saw were a solid color, mostly white.  Many houses used a riot of colors on windows and doors, moldings and trim, but left the posts a single color.

I agonized over the colors for these, wanting painted columns, but not wanting to overdo it. I settled on white as the base color (it’s Antique White). The colors are Prism Color stain pens: Warm Gray, Navy Blue, and Sunburst Yellow. I used the Navy on window trim as well.

The Navy stain pen bleeds a bit (just a tip). The gray and yellow not very much. I went with blocks gray with blue highlights and still fewer yellow highlights. To decide the color scheme, I simply painted one of the veranda posts and played with it until I liked it.

The spindles are antique white with gray highlights.

I’m thrilled to have the porch done!