Half-Inch Fairfield Landscaping / Wiring experiments

I’ve been quiet on this blog because I’ve been crazy busy in my non-mini life . . . finishing a novel, writing and publishing a novella, going over copyedits of another novel. All in three weeks.

Today, whew, get to talk about minis!

About one year ago, I pulled the first parts of the Fairfield out of the box! This month, I finished it!

Base: In the few minutes I got away from writing in the last couple weeks, I bought a piece of plywood and cut it to size (18 x 18)  for the base of the Fairfield. (Cut it myself, thank you!) Here it is half painted and waiting for landscaping.

Right (open) side of the house. The wiring is one great big mess–am using Houseworks plugs and power strip, an  easy and convenient system, but an eyesore. The only reason it looks neat here is because I wrestled the wires into submission.

Solution? Build a cover. I did this for the Blue House, so gave it a try here. It’s amazing how much better everything looks with a piece of wood over it.

Nice and neat. I’ll figure out a way to hide the transformer lead wire too. As you can see in the above photo, I’ve started furnishing and accessorizing the kitchen.

Landscaping: I want realistic landscaping but I don’t want it to be too fussy. Also, I’m constrained for space. I need this to fit on a shelf in my living room. So the base is fairly small (18 x 18). I decided to go with brick paper to form a walkway to and around the porch, and grassy areas which I’ll fill with flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, whatever.

The flower bed won’t stay there. I’ve put it here out of Temptation’s way (my cats: Temptation 1 and Temptation 2)

But yay! I’m pretty much done with the building and decorating of this house inside and out. (Furnishing and things to come, of course). I’ll try to write up my thoughts of the whole process and post it soon.