It’s a challenge for me to take pics of the Blue House (which is essentially finished…I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished a project before). It sits at at such an angle in the dollhouse room that the light is bad for pics. I rigged up a light today and took some photos, which sorta worked.

So here’s a mini tour. The “story” of this house is–It’s a B&B. The owners bought it derelict and renovated it. They found many vintage toys and things in the attic, which they used as decor throughout the house. They refinished some of the furniture they found and bought others new.

Below is the kitchen. I’m pleased to finally get a decent pic of it.

We’ve got cookie baking in progress. Note tray of finished cookies on counter in background. These are afternoon cookies for the guests.

I found many fun things for this kitchen: The dishrack and bottle of dish soap is from Mainly Minis online. Tiles are from Old World Tile,  originally from a kit for a tray. Apron was made by a mini-maker from California.

Another closeup of the cozy kitchen.

The front room. Since this is a B&B, the ground floor living room doubles as the dining room for the guests. As you can see, an ice-cream bar has been set up at the table to go with the cookies. The fireplace wall is a false wall I built to cover up the mess left behind when I ripped out the staircase.

Downstairs hall. Door on left leads to kitchen (living / dining room is on right). In the original dollhouse (the Cherrydale by Greenleaf/Real Good Toys), this was supposed to be the kitchen. As you can see, I put the stairs here and made this a writing corner for the B&B’s guests. Pretty pillow is by Wendy Smale.

At the very back of this hall, just before you start up the stairs is a little table with toy soldiers.

This is the second floor. In the original house, this was to have been the bathroom or small bedroom. The staircase now comes out in this narrow room. I made it a sitting area between bedroom and bathroom for the guests. The plaid pillows are by Wendy Smale. Adorable teaset I bought on Etsy. The novel is one of mine. It’s Perils of the Heart, my very first published novel. 🙂

I love the bedroom. The bed was from a Scientific Models/ Realife Miniatures kit (remember those?) for the Colonial bedroom. I repainted and antiqued the bed, and then covered it with Brodnax prints fabric and quilt. The gorgeous pillows are by: 1) the pink and blue silk: Wendy Smale; 2) Bargello pillow by Marilyn Miller, an IGMA artisan for needlepoint. She comes to the show here regularly, and I love her stuff. The doll I bought from Debbie Young, who sells minis as Young at Heart (she designed the 1/4″ bungalow I am still working on). The chocolate-covered pear–I don’t remember the artisan, but I bought it at a mini shop in Tucson, where she was selling her things.

The left side of the bedroom. The rocking horse I found in the many boxes of stuff I bought from a former co-worker, who sold me the house and the boxes. It was like Christmas going through those boxes! More vintage toys for the owners to use for decoration.

The walking stick I bought from an artisan in honor of my mystery hero, Captain Lacey. (He comes from 1817 and uses a walking stick, because he was injured in the Peninsular War.)

Difficult to get pics of the bathroom. It’s above the kitchen, in a shadow. Kitchen and bathroom are a built-on extension to the dollhouse. They were the most unfinished of the rooms (bathroom was completely bare).  The little Dutch house (a kit I had in my stash forever), holds the necessary TP.

A shot of the exterior for perspective.

That completes today’s tour!