More Minis I’ve seen

At the moment I have so little time for minis (book writing, book-related stuff, plus I ran off to the beach for a few days), I thought I’d post some more pics of minis from the Small World Mini Show in Phx this past March. I don’t always know (sorry) who made the settings, but I thought these were some of the best there.

This is a cute little 1″ scale teashop. The back of the shop.

The interior, as clever as the exterior.

You order your tea here and drink it outside on the patio.

I liked this little Scandinavian style room–very simple, with the bed tucked into a cupboard at the back.

Another themed room–this one nautical. A 1″ scale roombox.

A “reading” vignette displayed on a vintage dictionary.

Close-up of the vignette. Note the tiny scale desk and chair on top of the desk.

I thought this was another lovely little piece with a book / reading theme. So cozy!

All pictures taken by me.