Moving on with redoing the colonial house. The facade is done (below). I put acrylic panes in the windows (originals had none), and bought a new door.


I also added shutters and shutter hooks for a more finished look. The upper windows I’d made from scratch, using instructions in the book Building Miniature Houses and Furniture by Dorie Krusz (I encourage anyone to look up that book or the website with the photos–lovely house!)

The windows are put together from wood strips, the main frame notched in the corners. The mullions are made from 1/16 strips cut the length of the window, and then each are notched to fit into the perpendicular strips to form a grid (instead of cutting each tiny mullion separately). The resulting window is strong.

You can make these single-paned as I have, or double hung. The windows were in perfectly good condition, one of the best things in the house. I added acrylic and a simple frame in the back.

Close-up of one of the windows is below.


This is the back side of the facade.


The back looks much better than it used to! Smoothed, repainted, trimmed.

The sides I’d painted then drawn on bricks, gray blocks for the main walls and red / brown regular brick on the foundation. One side still looked great, the other needed a repaint. Also had to take off old hinges and replace them (went with four this time instead of only three).


I also repainted and aged the “Magic Stone” sidewalk, added and aged the brick stairs, and replaced the front foundation. Repainted the roof and all the trim too.

Next, refinishing the inside. Everything had to be redone except the floors.