The interior was a big mess! As stated in the previous post, the floors were great. I had hand laid and hand finished them, and they stood the test of time (twenty-something years?). I’ll do a post on how I made them–pretty straightforward.

As for the rest–I stripped out all the woodwork, sanded walls and ceiling, repainted, replaced most of the woodwork (a few pieces I restained and reused).

Downstairs: Purchased a new fireplace and added a brick chimney. For fun, I added a little door that goes down to a root cellar (honest, it does).


The fireplace is one of the few commercial products in the house (except for door and downstairs front window, which are Houseworks). When I bought it, though, it was brown. I took it out of the box, and it said, “I am Brown!”


Unfortunately, the rest of the brickwork in the house was aged red brick. Fortunately, this fireplace easily takes paint and aging. I dabbed it all over with brick red and burnt umber (which was actually a lighter brown than the fireplace!), then aged with antique white and a Ceramcoat paint called latte that I had in my paint box.

The painted and aged fireplace:


The original downstairs fireplace, I moved upstairs (replacing one I’d purchased a long time ago that screamed modern suburban instead of colonial American).

This fireplace I made those many years ago from scratch, using 1/4″ wood strips for the bricks and 1/16 square strips for the mortar (cut into tiny pieces!). Paint and aging make it look like brick.


The house is now ready for move in! More on the floors and pics of the finished house to come.