Mini Show–What I bought

Here are some of the neat things I bought at the Small World 2013 mini show a couple weeks ago. Because I had limited time, I decided to confine my purchases to those things I can’t buy in mini shops or online (at least that I know of).

A new-to-me artisan was Bobbie Johnson who was selling through Monumental Miniatures. I went a little crazy at her table, but can you blame me? First, a vintage sewing basket.

IMG_6308 (1024x768)

Hanging in the doorway is a negligee also by Bobbie. Detail is exquisite, and it comes with its own hanger.

IMG_6305 (769x1024)

Again from Bobbie, a finely detailed market cart on wheels, full of fresh produce.

IMG_6299 (768x1024)

The market cart in the Big House kitchen, next to a counter loaded with food from Jan at Autumn Leaf Studios.

IMG_6304 (768x1024)

From Pearce Miniatures, a terrarium. These were amazing! (Photo doesn’t do it justice) They had several, and I had a hard time narrowing my choice to this one. Ms. Pearce is an IGMA artisan and lives in my city (Lucky me).

IMG_6298 (994x1024)

The terrarium in place on top of fireplace in Big House bathroom.

IMG_6297 (1024x768)

Speaking of Autumn Leaf Studios, here is a bunch of gorgeous produce. This show I purchased the basket and pint box of berries. I bought the cantelope board, basket of mushrooms, and basket of peaches in other years. The oranges are by me. Plates are Vernon Pottery (I love these!)

IMG_6301 (768x1024)

A closer shot at the basket of blackberries and pint of blueberries (and it appears the salt and pepper shakers have fallen over)

IMG_6302 (768x1024)

From JanCrafted, a tiny box of tissue (1″ scale)

IMG_6296 (1024x768)

Photo came out blurry, but also from JanCrafted, a perfume tray.

IMG_6307 (1024x768)

I decided to indulge in some Acquisto Silver. I know I can order these, but they were there, I could browse their booth and look at everything and make my choices. I have four pieces here: This show I got the small cup (on the left) and the salt and pepper shakers.

IMG_6309 (1024x768)

Again from Autumn Leafe Studio, in the Blue House kitchen, a basket of bing cherries.

IMG_6311 (1024x752)

Cherries close up. Love how the stems came out.

IMG_6313 (1024x768)

I bought some other stuff too–fabric, a 1/2″ scale chair kit, and a 1/2″ farmhouse table and chairs. The Small World show is usually the only one I can get to, so I save up for it and let myself have a great time.

Small World Mini Show 2013

A little artist setup. Did the cat knock over the pot?

Attended Small World Minis show on the 9th, before I took off for the Tucson Book Festival. Bought some great stuff! Indulged in a couple of Acquisto silver pieces and some new finds. Will take pics and share.

I also won something! I who never win anything. An unfinished half-inch little cabin was up for raffle, so I put in my tickets. While I was off in Tucson, they drew my name. I guess leaving town was key. Anyway, it’s a cute little house called Possum Hut, looks like part of a club project. I haven’t decided yet how I’ll finish it, but I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, here are pics of some great mini exhibits I saw:

Love this shabby-chic vignette: closet w/ “dressing room”. The lady who lives here must have Personality.

Beautiful glass shop, featuring glass of that artist I’ve bought from at the Mini Time Machine in Tucson.

A cute 1/4″ scale tea shop. (I love tea shops. Hot tea; scones slathered in cream and lemon curd…) This one is called “Four Mums Tea Shop.”

Loved this kitchen shop. A clever use of all those kitchen supplies. Open at the top–tried to get good pics.



The tiny 1/144″ scale (that’s 1/144, not a typo) mill was back from last year, so I took more pics. This is very, very small. (See for more pics of this mill.)




Pink bedroom by Small World member Lani Lugo. I love how feminine and frilly this is without being overdone. She has a great eye for matching color.



This lovely room is 1/4″ scale. Such detail for so small a scale.


There were many other exhibits. I wish I could have snapped more, but it was crowded, and I had to shop and run.