Mini-ing this weekend was re-doing the landscaping on the 1/2-inch scale Cotswold Cottage (in addition to more windows! Have only three more, woot!)

I didn’t like how the original landscaping of the Cotswold Cottage came out, so I pulled off the glued-on foam and the plastic bricks and redid everything. Used a grass sheet instead, and clumped green foilage for bushes.


The back patio and side yard. French doors lead to living room; back door leads to kitchen.


Little seating area outside back door.


Back door (to kitchen)


Added new potting bench. Want to fill out this bench with more accessories (dirt, flat of plants, and so forth)


Cattails grow outside the kitchen’s imaginary wall.

CCfrontdoorFront door.


Full shot of front door.


Front of house (front door) and patio. Under the lean-to is the electric works.


Right side of house with back door and patio. 


While I was landscaping I took time to fill two pots with greenery and flowers to hide a spot outside the Blue House B&B.


This is the bedside table of The Big House. (Didn’t do anything with this, but I thought it looked pretty, so snapped a pic.) 

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