I finished the windows!!!! All Twenty-Three of ’em. Took me a while–I didn’t have time to just plow through so did them a piece at a time. But they’re done!


Obviously, I need to do a lot of trimming, but the windows are done.


I also started making changes and updates to the music room. I bought a beautiful chandelier from Luminations by Mr. K. The music room floor, though, one of the very first floors I ever made, needed a lot of work. I decided to do a parquet floor with medallions (made from two Brodnax medallion kits plus their parquet floor squares, plus their parquet border kit). I put that all together and finished it.

IMG_6451 (800x600)

This is the cherry floor with walnut accents. (They offer a walnut w/ cherry as well). I chose the cherry because I wanted a lighter floor–the furniture is mostly dark, and I wanted it to show well against the floor.



The chandelier is hung in place.


The floor is so elegant that I won’t cover it up with rugs. I chose to include the medallions so I could have a rugless floor.


The next step is the porch. Here it is, stripped bare.


When it dawned on me that a porch is just another room, I started having ideas about how to finish it, beyond just slapping in a porch railing and floor. I studied “The Dollhouse Builder’s Handbook,” by Fred Stephenson, which explains very well the elements of a porch and how they go together. I’ve also been looking at “The Painted Ladies Revisited” for ideas on finishing porches and colors.

I plan to put in a lattice and brick posts on the foundation, finish the ceiling with cornices and maybe some corbel work, do a top railing as well as a bottom, do stairs and a stair railing, and then decorate with furniture and plants as I decide.

Lots more work to do!