First I want to ask–what the heck happened to half-inch scale in the last six months? I’ve seen half-inch offerings grow scarcer this year–even things I recently purchased for the Fairfield are no longer available, even on eBay. Thank heavens for the handcrafters at Etsy. And Bespaq. Other than that, it’s tough to find half inch.

Anyway, I am looking for half-scale again, because at the mini show in March, I won a half-scale cottage in the raffle. Lucky? Partly, but I also stuffed most of my long strip of tickets into the box!


It’ a cute house originally called the “Possum Hut.” Obviously this was made for or in a class–the house was half finished and came with the instructions and most of the materials to finish it.

I like the colors the original builder chose–English Ivy Green (Apple Barrel craft paint) and Burnt Orange (Americana), then weathered and aged. I don’t know how they aged it, but when I added some trim, I painted it burnt orange then when dry went over it with a Minwax stain pen in Dark Walnut, then wiped it off. Worked well.


I stuck it on the shelf while I was finishing the windows for the Big House, but recently took it down to give myself a break from window mania. After pondering what to do with it, it struck me that it would make a fun garden shed / greenhouse.



I have accumulated many half-inch scale plant kits, and also some pots and plants already made (via shows plus Mountain Miniatures).

The original house plans called for a bed to be put into the lean-to, with a curtain around it. Since I am turning this into a garden shed, I figured it was the perfect place for a potting bench.


The only problem is, that corner can’t be easily seen from the viewing side of the house, and will be even more limited when I put on the roof pieces.

Then I thought of an answer–a skylight. With my new expertise with all those windows for the Big House, I knew I could adapt the method to make a skylight. I have no idea it the scale is exactly right here, but the point is viewing the interior.



I imagine I’ll electrify it, but I might do indirect lighting and then one plain lamp good for a garden shed.

I’m going back and forth between this project and the Big House. Keeps me from getting stagnant with either one.

Updates as I get more done.