I admit, my main draws to the NAME National convention were 1) to take classes; and 2) to shop in the sales room. 🙂 I didn’t realize there would be so much more. There were the roundtable kits (two days of them), the auction, the souveniers, the gift exchanges… everywhere I went, people were handing me more stuff! (Not that I minded). Below are some of the things I snagged in the sales room. Wonderful artisans attended. (click pictures for larger versions)

An overview of everything I bought, incluing some auction items. I kept pretty good track of who made what–hope I didn’t forget anyone.

IMG_0614 (1024x768)

IMG_0628 (1024x768)

Stained glass fireplace screen (The Kummerows)
Hand-painted birdhouse (Karen Markland)
Painted pot (Craig Roberts, The Hairy Potter)

IMG_0616 (1024x768)
(Click photo to see this much larger)
From left to right
Back row:
Music cabinet (w/ veneer front) (Shannon Moore)
Ladderback chairs (Smaller than Life–I bought these at the NAME charity auction)
Yarn winder (Pam Boorum, Smaller than Life)

Next row:
Shaker spice box (Pam Boorum)
Stool (Pam Boorum)
1/4″ dry sink (Scarlett Frayser)
Tiny toaster (Debbie Young)

Front row:
Quarter inch gumball machine (Claire’s Creations)
Quarter inch wicker sofa (Claire’s Creations)
Quarter inch iron corner rack (Pierre Luigi, bought at Suzanne & Andrew’s Mnis)
Leatherbound “spell” books and candles (Marilyn Crockett)

IMG_0617 (1024x768)
Click picture for larger
Front row:
Knife block and knives, cutting board (Smaller than Life)
Tavern sign (Laura Craine)

Back row:
Aged gas pump, battery charger, battery (Ed Mabe)
Half-inch scale word table (Michelle Gill)
Keyhole saw (Pete Boorum)
Shaker box (Pam Boorum)

IMG_0618 (1024x768) (2)

Back row:
Aged half-inch hutch (Michelle Gill)
Windsor chair (William S Clinger)
Inlay box (Smaller than Life)

Shaker box (Smaller than Life)
Hydrangeas, Roses in vase (Laura Craine)

Some closeups of the items:

IMG_6524 (1024x768)

Leatherbound books and candles

IMG_6529 (768x1024) (2)

Aged half-inch worktable and hutch (Michele Gill)
One-inch scale keyhole saw (Smaller Than Life)

IMG_6527 (768x1024)

Music chest (Shannon Moore)

IMG_6525 (768x1024)

Yarn winder (Smaller Than Life)

IMG_6523 (768x1024)

Quarter-inch scale toaster (Debbie Young)
on quarter-inch dry sink (Scarlett Frayser)

IMG_6522 (768x1024)

Shaker spice box (Smaller Than Life)
Shaker inlay box (Smaller Than Life)

IMG_6520 (1024x768)

IMG_6519 (768x1024)

Gas pump, battery charger, battery (Ed Mabe)

IMG_6517 (1024x768)

Close-up of knife block and knives (Smaller Than Life). Perfect workmanship.

IMG_0620 (768x1024)

Souvenirs and Aquisto Silver:

The little shop in the back row is a 1/2-inch scale shallow display box “shop” by Ron and April Gill I bought at the charity auction. The inside lights up! I might do a flower shop.

Painting is one of the souvenirs, painted by Gilbert Mena

IMG_0623 (1024x768)

Souvenirs given out at the meals: Glass bowls (Phil Grenyer) and sculpture (Joseph Addotta) (behind the stag is an antique poker chip)
Silver Tankard (I bought this) (Acquisto Silver)

IMG_0622 (1024x768)

Acquisto Silver:
The vase is a piece Pete Acquisto made for the lunch talk he gave at one of the special lunches. Everyone attending got one. My picture isn’t very good, but the vase is gorgeous!

And you know, this isn’t everything. I bought a bunch of kits in all scales, more quarter inch accessories, a few other pieces of furniture. That doesn’t even count the four pieces of furniture I made in class or the entire goodie bag full o’ stuff! (which I’ve only briefly gone through).

On another post, I’ll show off what I made. I learned so much!