The Fairfield Revisited

I’m still in the process of decorating the Fairfield interior, but I have some furniture and decorative touches. A way to go yet, but it’s getting there. Click photos for larger views.

Right open side, rear rooms
IMG_0682 (960x1280)

Master Bedroom (right side, front)
IMG_0683 (960x1280)

Attic, right rear
IMG_0684 (960x1280)

Left side, back wing, first and second floors
IMG_0685 (960x1280)

Right side
IMG_0686 (960x1280)

Living room
IMG_0679 (960x1280) (960x1280)

Kitchen (I put the kitchen where the dining room was supposed to be)
IMG_0680 (960x1280)

Kitchen with bathroom above (I turned second bedroom into the bathroom)
IMG_0681 (960x1280)

Living room
IMG_0687 (960x1280)

Bookcase beween kitchen and living room. Books are leather folds, printed, which I bought on ebay. They look real!
IMG_0688 (960x1280)

Gorgeous Shaker cabinet I bought at Small World minis show between bedroom and bath.
IMG_0689 (960x1280)

More to come as I get things done.