Yet More from the Mini Time Machine

Every time I go to the Mini Time Machine in Tucson, I see something new. This is what I found last week. (Click pics for close-ups)

IMG_0728 (1280x960)

Model of Sparrow House (1567) in Ipswich, model built in 1930.

IMG_0729 (960x1280)

Albion Pub in London, model build ca. 1913

IMG_0737 (1280x960)

African Room

IMG_0740 (1280x960)

Dirty basement, left side

IMG_0742 (1280x960)

Dirty basement, right side

IMG_0762 (1241x1280)

Architect’s box and paint box. Tools are all functional.

IMG_0756 (960x1280)

Drafting tools from same artisan who did architect’s box. (Corner of Brooke Tucker room)