The pretty pics first:

I finished the porch, adding spindles around the top trim plus brackets. The two different types of brackets gave it a finished look. I have since added porch stairs–I’ll get around to taking a pic of those sometimes.



Note on porches: If you can get hold of the older book by Fred Stephenson–The Dollhouse Builders Handbook–he has a great explanation on the elements of porches and how they work (and why).

The music room. I redid the floor in here, using parquet from Brodnax. Polished the floor with paste wax. This pic gives a nice shot of the chandelier by Mr. K. (lights are hard for me to photograph). Click photo for close up!


Now the mess:


It is high time for me to conquer the fourth floor of the Big House–the attic! At this point I’ve decided to do a library (far right room), an artist studio (middle), and a game room (left). More on that soon!


This room will become the library.