Finally I’ve begun a face-lift on the top floor of The Big House. I’d never really used this room before–it’s the middle of three, no windows. I’d stuck unwanted things up here, using it like a real attic, but I never truly decorated it.


It occurred to me that with a skylight, this could be an artist studio. I was going to build my own skylight, but I dug through my box of extra windows (how I collect extra windows, I have no idea; they just seem to breed). I found this twelve-light window from Houseworks and decided to re-purpose it as a skylight.


I kind of like the “newspaper” wallpaper from the old room, so I didn’t rip it out. Covered matt board with a photo of an ocean view which I’d taken on vacation, and slid the photo in place, not gluing it. This way, if I decide I want the old wallpaper again, it’s there.

A bright white Nova Lyte provides the daylight outside the window. The window itself is in a matt board wall–1/4″ strips sandwiched between two pieces of matt board for sturdiness. I put shingles on the outside so it looks as though you are looking out through a roof wall.

The rest was repainting the walls and door and putting in new trim. Voila, the artist studio waiting to be furnished.