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I’ve finally been able to do some more finishing on the 1/4-scale bungalow. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to build new houses until I finished my old houses (I’m no fun!)

The hardest part of quarter-scale for me is accessories. Accessories make scenes real, but it’s hard to do something so tiny! But here are some things I came up with. (Click on photos to see larger versions. Some of this is hard to see unless you do!)

In the living room:

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I decorated by taking each piece of furniture or corner of the room and making it into a sort of still life.

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The mantelpiece has “postcards” that I reduced on my computer–hard to see here, but they’re pictures of Sedona. Added candlesticks made from findings, a bowl of flowers (bits of greenery stuck into a mini bowl and drybrush dabbed with paint).

The lovely fireplace accessories are by Pierre Luigi, which I bought from Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis.

To the right is a bench with another plant; to the left a large fern, which was a kit.

Everything looks a little crooked in the picture, but it doesn’t in real life–don’t know how that happens.

IMG_0942 (1280x887)

Took the piano out to show the large bookcases–another kit from Suzanne and Andrew. It’s hard to see, but there’s books, a tiny teapot bought from Debbie Young, and a picture in a frame (reduced on computer by me). Click photo too see it larger–better detail that way.

IMG_0918 (1280x1160)

This is a closeup of the hanging shelves that go over the sofa. How I made the books:

1. Photograph of a row of books (find on the web or take one yourself). Reduce to quarter-inch scale. Mine were about 1/4″ high by however long I wanted the row. Vary these a little for interest.

2. Cut a piece of 1/4″ square stripwood the length of the row of books. Paint Ceramcoat Light Ivory or equivalent off-white.

3. Glue row of books photo to one long side (I sealed the picture with clear nail polish).

4. With X-acto knife, score lines in the painted part of the wood strip to correspond to width of books in the picture. I went over these lines with a fine-leaded pencil just to give it depth.

Voila, books.

The photograph, again reduced on computer, is one of my wedding photos–me and my sweet husband sharing an “Awww” moment.

IMG_0939 (1280x1213)

On the coffee table–a bowl of fruit by Desert Mini Makers. The books are by me–this time I found book printies on the Internet, printed them, then folded them around 1/16″ thick pieces of matte board.

IMG_0940 (1280x1156)

Everything in situ.

IMG_0984 (1241x1280)

Kitchen. I need to add more to the kitchen, but I have a plate of watermelon plus a pie making setup (on the worktable) from Desert Mini Makers. Pot on stove is by Debbie Young. I made the dish towel, and the bottle of “Palmolive” is from a set of plastic bottles and so forth I purchased from Suzanne and Andrew (comes with five colors of a bunch of bottle shapes you can turn into what you wish).

I had another little rush-seat chair in here. But I found out what happens when you step on a quarter-scale wooden chair with your bare foot. Crumples like a dried leaf (the chair, not my foot). Ah, well.

IMG_0975 (960x1280)

Bedroom. Again, I need to do more, but here’s a start.

IMG_0964 (1280x960)

On the dresser–Vase purchased from Pearce Miniatures. I filled the vase with greenery (model train clumpy green stuff) and topped with punched paper flowers.
Vanity tray–plate is made from card stock. I wet it, pressed it into a small circle on a circle template, let it dry, drew a larger circle around that, cut out the whole thing, painted silver. Bottles are from the plastic bottle kit as I used in the kitchen.

The mirrored vanity–I’d bought some frames from Debbie Young at the NAME show. I cut out mirrored paper to put in the frame, then mounted the mirror on a piece of quarter-inch wood strip.

IMG_0974 (1127x1280)

The dresser in the scene. The iron rocking chair is another piece by Pierre Luigi. I just love his stuff, and it’s so affordable!

IMG_0972 (1280x771)

As you can see, I have the whole house lit with indirect LED lights. I’d originally put in the kind on a strip that you stick to the ceiling, but I didn’t like it. Light wasn’t quite the right color, and they kept going out (when ends of wire were jiggled). I took those out and replaced them with warm white Nova Lytes. I love Nova Lytes!

IMG_0966 (1280x1105)

IMG_0969 (1280x785)

Outside the house, I added a grass sheet, some shrubbery (green clumpy stuff plus paper flowers, watering can, and a couple potted plants I bought at shows).

That’s it for now. I have more to do (e.g., need things for nightstand in bedroom, plus window treatments, plus want to make the porch cozy), but I’ve satisfied the stickler in me that I’ve done enough, and can start a new quarter-inch house whenever I want. 🙂