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In my last post, I said that I’d bought this English Cottage at auction “accidentally.” True. When this lot came up, no one was bidding on it. I thought “I’ll click one bid and kind of get things going.” Click. Congratulations! You have won the bidding! Next lot . . .. Oops.

I wasn’t that bothered–the picture showed a cute 1/4 scale house, and I could put it on the long table behind my sofa with my other 1/4-scale houses. What I didn’t realize was it’s on a base that’s about 2 feet x 2 feet!

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As you can see. But as I started “walking” around the property, gluing back bits that had come loose in shipping, I began to appreciate the amazing creativity that went into building and landscaping this house. Scroll for pics and click for closeups!

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The tree on the right side of the house has a swing for fun on summer days.

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The front door is approached through a cottage garden and stone walkway.

English cottage front door

An arch with purple flowers outlines the front door.

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A rose climbs around the front door, blue hyacinths (or maybe hydrangea or irises) grow under the window, and a pot of geraniums perches on the windowsill.

IMG_1261 (960x1280)

View of the right side of the house from the vine-covered stone wall that separates house from road.

IMG_1257 (960x1280)

Following the wall around to the right side of the house.

IMG_1254 (960x1280)

Pull-back view of right side of house.

IMG_1233 (960x1280)

Going around the tree with swing, we see that this family not only has a lovely flower garden, they have an extensive vegetable garden as well.

IMG_1241 (960x1280)

Looking at the veg garden from the back. Hard to get a closeup, but they have carrots and lettuce growing here. I puzzled a bit over the stick trellis as I glued it back together, then I realized–they’re bean poles! Growing up in cities in arid climates, I’d never seen one before. Now I know why we refer to thin people as “bean poles”. (See? I learned something via miniatures.)

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The inhabitants of the house have a garden shed, complete with tools (which you can see leaning on the door in the previous pictures). They also have a well.

IMG_1243 (960x1280)

The covered well, complete with rope and bucket.

IMG_1238 (960x1280)

Pull-back view of the left back side of the house.

IMG_1253 (960x1280)

Photo is a little blurred, but behind the clump of trees on the left side is a little pond with a swan and a bench beside it. Another nice refuge on a hot summer day.

IMG_1239 (960x1280)

Continuing around the left side back to the front.

IMG_1234 (960x1280)

IMG_1259 (1280x960)

Left front garden. An extensive flower garden!

IMG_1258 (1280x960)

A closeup of the brilliant flowers. I don’t usually like figures in my scenes, but these two–the woman and kneeling gardner–go well with the house.

IMG_1256 (960x1280)

The front door. Let’s go inside.

IMG_1251 (1280x960)

The interior was a bit difficult to photograph, which is why I don’t have many pics, but click them to see what you can. The walls are finished with “whitewash”, with little pictures on them. The furniture is cozy and overstuffed. Most of the furniture is plastic–this house was done in the late 70s, early 80s, I think, and the plethora of quarter-inch things we have now wasn’t available. But the furniture is very well finished and goes with the house.

IMG_1250 (1280x960)

Floor is nice stone. If you can see the skirted table on the right, it has breakfast waiting with a tea cozy over the teapot. Plants decorate the deep windowsill.

IMG_1245 (960x1280)

Upstairs is a big bedroom with a bathroom in the corner.

IMG_1246 (960x1280)

I love the detail of the water heater over the bathtub. Before houses had one big heater for the whole house, each appliance had its own heater to heat up just enough water for what you needed (bathing or doing dishes in the kitchen). The house I lived in in Germany had separate water heaters in bath and kitchen, which had to be filled with water and the heat turned on in advance.

IMG_1247 (960x1280)

The bathroom corner is screened from the bedroom (I removed the screen in other pictures so you could see where the stairs came up).

IMG_1244 (960x1280)

Bedroom side with cozy four-poster waiting to be snoozed in.

IMG_1248 (960x1280)

Here’s a closeup of the thatch and chimney. I like how the chimney is crumbling and crooked.

IMG_1249 (960x1280)

The thatch is made of some kind of straw-like material, I’m not sure what. It’s well done, with good texture.

IMG_1260 (1280x960)

The stone wall that goes all the way around the house is incredibly detailed. Hours/days/weeks/months of work went into this house and garden. Remember, this is all quarter-inch scale (1/4″ = 1 foot), so it’s tiny!!

This house sits in my workshop on a shelf, and since I’m in my workshop room every day, I get to gaze at it. I’ve fallen in love with this little house. A happy accident!