Big House, Fourth Floor mostly done

IMG_1208 (1280x810)

I have the interior details of the Fourth Floor finally finished. Above is the “after” shot. Below is “before”. Click all the photos for larger versions!



IMG_1210 (1280x990)

Three finished rooms looking from the house’s right side side.

IMG_1211 (960x1280)

This tower room was dark, so I added a skylight (a fake one–papered ceiling with a photo of the sky taken by me at Canyon de Chelley, installed a bright white NovaLyte, and built a window over it).

IMG_1217 (960x1280)

The room through the window. I plan to make this a game room.

IMG_1212 (960x1280)

The middle room is now an artist studio, with another big window. I might swap the art studio and the game room depending on how everything works out. The furniture in these rooms are placeholders.

IMG_1213 (1280x960)

The library on the house’s left side. Again furniture is placed where I think I might want it, but I’ll play with it.

IMG_1214 (960x1280)

The alcove in the library.

I will have to do much more to these rooms, but I’m happy I have all the walls, doors, windows, trims, floors, lighting done!