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I decided it was high time to put together a new dollhouse kit. Right?

This one is Lisa’s Country Cottage, from Houseworks. I no longer see it for sale on the Hobby Builders Supply site, and I believe it’s been discontinued (why? it’s a great little kit!). But it’s available secondhand, and it’s similar to other Houseworks kits, such as the garage and the “charming cottage”.

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I pulled it out of the box and started in.

The first thing I do with a kit is take out all the parts and tape it together with painter’s tape, which is easy to pull off.

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This kit (or one of Houseworks’ similar kits) would be terrific for a beginner. There aren’t many pieces, and everything is rabbeted to fit together precisely. Mine is made of MDF, which is lightweight and smooth (no splinters!). I was able to cut it easily to modify a few things.

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The cottage has one room downstairs and one upstairs. Windowless wall is the back of the house, handy for placing against a wall of your real house (RH) for display.

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I purchased a dormer window, which will go on the front side of the roof. After taking these shots, I cut a hole in the roof so the window can be seen through. I suppose I could have done it as a false window, maybe with something inside.

IMG_1267 (960x1280)

Generous frout porch

IMG_1268 (960x1280)

What the front will look like with dormer in place. The porch posts fit into post holes on bottom, and slots in the porch ceiling. Sturdy construction.

IMG_1269 (960x1280)

Porch wraps around to the side.

IMG_1270 (960x1280)

Putting windows and door in place to see what it will look like.

IMG_1271 (960x1280)


IMG_1272 (960x1280)

Side w/ windows.

IMG_1273 (960x1280)

I have both a Dutch door and a single French door, so I am trying both to see which I like better.

IMG_1274 (960x1280)

French door.

IMG_1275 (960x1280)

Dutch door.

I thought the Dutch door looked more rustic, which is what I’m going for in this project, so I’ll use it.

The cottage will be an antique shop, to house odds and ends of my collection–old furniture I took out of The Big House; new furniture I’ve bought but has nowhere to go yet. I’ll take stuff out of the shop as I build other houses and add new things as I go. Kind of a storage space, but in a display I can enjoy.

More photos as I build.

My philosophy is: Life is short. Build more dollhouses.